WordPress Endpoint API

@ when is the vid from tonight going live? I want some @ love #ocwp
Ben Lobaugh

There was a bit of anticipation around my talk on the WordPress Endpoint API at last week’s OCWP Dev Meetup. Ben, one of our buddies from Seattle could scarcely contain his excitement.

To be totally honest, the Endpoint API was one that I hadn’t fully grasped the power of until the post by Jon Cave (a.k.a duck_) went up on Make WordPress Plugins. I spent the afternoon coding up a little demo of how the API could be used, which I turned into a plugin. If you’re just looking for the code, you can find it on github. The plugin creates a custom post type called ocwp-members, with one pre-defined custom field for a member’s blog link. It then adds an endpoint to that post type that redirects the visitor to the member’s blog. It adds some neat click tracking pulled from AdSanity and a link to the endpoint in the post content through the the_content filter. It’s a simple plugin, but demonstrates a few neat things you can do with the api. You can find Jon’s article here and more WordPress awesomeness at Make WordPress.org in the link in Jason’s tweet below. If you have a copy of “Professional WordPress Plugin Development”, written by Brad Williams, Ozh Richard and Justin Tadlock, you can check out pages 417-421 for more information and code samples.

To get the full explanation of what the code does, check out the video below.

When I set out to build the plugin demo, I wanted to try a new dev tool (plugin) that Otto talked about about on WP Late Night (if you don’t listen to this WP Candy podcast, you really should) a few weeks back. The plugin, appropriately named Pluginception, creates and activates new, empty plugins with the click of a button. As Stephen pointed out, it is a plugin to quickly deploy working code via small recyclable plugins.

#ocwp Quickly isolate & make behavior recyclable. Pluginception is novel! @ you are my hero. 🙂 http://t.co/HkYI2nXA
Stephen Carroll

I mentioned it in the video, but thought the warning deserved a mention in print as well:


@ @ Oh dear. Please reinforce that Pluginception should not be used on live/production sites. It's a hacker/dev tool.
Samuel Wood (Otto)

Have you used WordPress Rewrite Endpoints? If so, what did you do with them? If not, does this give you any ideas where you could use them?

Everyone Needs An Anthem

I’ve been a huge fan of The Theme Foundry themes ever since I helped out with the Shelf theme. I know how Drew runs his business, and his themes are some of the best premium themes out there. That being said, you may have noticed the new look my site is sporting. Thanks to Drew Strojny in a collaboration with Ryan Essmaker, I’m now running their newest theme release, Anthem.. I made a simple child theme so that I could make some customizations so any differences you see in my theme from the standard Anthem are those customizations.

Check out the responsive theme I built for @ called Anthem with photography by @: http://t.co/teKQcceR
Ryan Essmaker

When I first saw the theme, I thought it looked clean, and being that I know Drew, I pushed out a tweet for it. Then I started looking at it a little further. Responsive design is gaining so much popularity these days and The Theme Foundry has been consistently approaching the their designs with a fresh perspective. Props to Ryan for his great work on this theme.

@ Pretty. Definitely my first pick for a new theme for my personal blog.
Tim Wilsie

I feel exactly the same way as Tim. I have struggled to find a clean theme that feels personalized. By simply adding a quick photo of me to the logo area, I was able to do exactly that. Once I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

New responsive WP Layout from @ - demo site has some of my photos to show off the layout's sexiness http://t.co/VXvv1mDW

The theme demo features some playful, full-size photos by Mr. Sanchez that show the effectiveness of big photography.

On a side note, I’m trying out a new plugin to create this post. It’s called Dashter, and it has huge potential. It’s built by my buddy Dave Cole from the #ocwp.