Oh No! We Can’t Go!

Julie’s sick and we were supposed to go to the Imagination Movers concert tonight at 5PM.

Anyone in the LA/OC area want some tickets to see the Imagination Movers live on stage tonight? I’ve got 4 tickets and a parking pass. Tickets were $40 (I’ll sell them for $35), parking was $15 (I’ll throw parking in).

We saw the show last year and… it was awesome (for parents and kids alike).

Photo Credit: Brad Penner

All About Andrew

February is “All About Me” month at Miss Jodi’s Learning Garden. Every parent knows what that means…it’s time to make a poster. Every year posters get bigger, more elaborate, more intricate, more bedazzled. Julie had some pretty crazy posters over her tenure there. This February is Andrew’s first poster. We’ve been going back and forth about what theme his poster would be. Buzz Lightyear. Rock Star. Sporty. Jungle. We ended up going with a superhero/comic book theme. So tonight, Naomi asked me to come up with a super hero logo for Andrew. She said his super hero name was Action Andrew and that his power was being awesome. So, I came up with the logo you see here. His favorite colors are green and red (the colors of Christmas), but I just couldn’t make those colors work. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

On Weight Loss

Back in September, I started working out with my dad every Monday an Wednesday. It sounds crazy, but my goal is to lose about 40lbs. So, I’ve been working out for a little over 5 mints now and I haven’t “lost” a single pound. Granted I’ve gained a lot of muscle in the process and muscle weighs more than fat, but talk about frustrating. I guess the only way to start shedding the spare tire is to hit the treadmill. I’ve thought about doing that Friday mornings to round out my workouts, but I just can’t get myself pumped up about running. Maybe I’ll start playing some volleyball again.

Movers in February

Julie and Andrew love the Imagination Movers. The last time they were in town (in Los Angeles), we saw them in concert. This year, we’re going to see them again at the Nokia Live in February. The thing I love about the movers is that the was enjoyable even for the adults in the room. There were some sweet 80s & 90s references that made us all laugh. Include a little snippit of “Goin’ Back to Cali”. I’m stoked to see them again. If you have little kids, you should check them out.