On Weight Loss

Back in September, I started working out with my dad every Monday an Wednesday. It sounds crazy, but my goal is to lose about 40lbs. So, I’ve been working out for a little over 5 mints now and I haven’t “lost” a single pound. Granted I’ve gained a lot of muscle in the process and muscle weighs more than fat, but talk about frustrating. I guess the only way to start shedding the spare tire is to hit the treadmill. I’ve thought about doing that Friday mornings to round out my workouts, but I just can’t get myself pumped up about running. Maybe I’ll start playing some volleyball again.

2 thoughts on “On Weight Loss”

  1. Dude diet is key! Changing your nutritional routine and monitoring intake is huge. I’ve started eating more meals a day, and making sure everything is balanced. I’ve lost close to 15 pounds in the last 4 weeks. I was eating like 3-4k calories a day, that’s nasty! I am down to about 2k and it’s falling off.

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