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Crazy Excuses For Not Upgrading WordPress

  1. No reason, but I #blamenacin
  2. I don’t have an Internet connection.
  3. WordPress upgraded to the current version of jQuery and if I update, many of my outdated, insecure plugins break.
  4. I’m crazy.
  5. I hacked core and didn’t submit a patch. *GASP*
  6. I like feeling vulnerable.
  7. My web designer never gave me a login to my site, and doesn’t upgrade it himself. I’m not comfortable clicking buttons.
  8. I don’t like peer pressure.
  9. I want to be retro.
  10. It doesn’t make gourmet tacos.
  11. I don’t like new car smell.
  12. I hate change.
  13. The automatic upgrade breaks due to my write permissions, and I don’t realize how easy it is to set the permissions to something that allows writing, perform the upgrade, and set my permissions back.
  14. It’s a trap!
  15. I’ve been living under a rock.
  16. I don’t know how to click a button.
  17. My theme might break and I’m scared.
  18. It’s too easy, and I like a challenge.
  19. I don’t like the new interface?
  20. I don’t want to be a cool kid.
  21. I might lose my posts.
  22. My mom told me not to.
  23. What’s a WordPress upgrade?
  24. The buddypress theme I use is not compatible with BP versions greater than and I am not skilled enough to convert it to anything greater than that version
  25. I use a PC.
  26. I am afraid of a function- or javascript-overload. I just love the simplicity and 1994 look of the earlier WordPress versions.
  27. I don’t like capital Ps
  28. Why would someone want to hack my site? I think I’ll be fine.
  29. Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!
  30. Who wants a menu on a blog anyway?
  31. I have not acquired the ability to sell security updates as part of a maintenance contract.

Have an excuse that’s not listed? I’d love to hear it. | Quit stalling and go download it now

Some of these excuses are user submitted. Don’t shoot the messenger. Also, this is meant to be a joke. You should ALWAYS upgrade WordPress. If you don’t know how, there’s plenty of people I can think of who can help.

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